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Three Unexpected Reason’s to Buy YOUR 30A Place this Fall

Three Unexpected Reason’s to Buy

YOUR 30A Beach house, condo, or lot

this FALL vs. waiting until Springtime. 

Here we Go! ↓


#1.) You, buyer, have a good chance of negotiating a better deal. (see below)

Seller’s have collected their rental income and you (buyer) are in a more powerful position to negotiate. (Don’t expect to get something “below” market, but sellers are certainly now less inclined to hold onto unrealistic expectations.)

#2.) You’ll pay less today than next Spring (basically guaranteed)

30A is a strong market. Some will say a “Hot” market. With the current market appreciation, if you can buy today, but wait until springtime, you may pay upwards of 1-3% more for it.  On the flip-side, if you buy today, you’ll already have equity building by springtime.


#3.) Interest rates are increasing. (We’ll connect you to a lender so you can see the difference over time.)

Buying now, if financing, rather than waiting a few months will save you a lot of $$ on the long-term. Short-term, it will still cost you a little ROI every month if leveraging your cash.



– Another reason it’s a great idea to buy in the fall vs. spring… close now, and you can enjoy your 30A property over the holidays, host some stays with family + friends, add some personal touches, and have plenty of time to market the home for the upcoming 2019 rental season.

And don’t forget — buying a vacation rental property might have some really great tax benefits if you need them. (Talk to a smart tax professional on how it could be beneficial) And as one of our agents famously said — “You can’t take a vacation to your stock portfolio.” and it won’t provide your family with life-long memories either.


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