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Buy The Beach House Before Spring (The Simple Explanation Why)

Take advantage now of the full 30A vacation rental season and buy the beach house before spring.

We’re here to make the dream happen.

Have you questioned when is the best time to “pull the trigger” on your beach property on 30A? Is it summertime when I visit? Is it Springtime? Is it after summer?

Below is a great strategy, not only for taking advantage of the full vacation rental season (to maximize income), have an opportunity to negotiate a great deal, but also have a potential to minimize your out of pocket carrying expenses — let me lay out the ideal scenario:

1.) Buy in January. Close in February. First mortgage payment due in March.

2.) Enjoy time making the property “your own”, connecting to a property manager, and marketing your property for a month.

3.) March comes – so do spring renters and your first vacation rental income. Just in time for your first mortgage payment.

4.) Summer comes, and with it, the reward of vacation rental income to pay for/towards your asset and potentially create a little income. (depending on your financing terms, how much personal usage, how well the property is marketed, etc. etc. etc.)

5.) Enjoy the property in the fall, use summer income at your discretion (or use to carry property through shoulder seasons, until next spring)

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