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    Buy The Beach House Before Spring (The Simple Explanation Why)

    By Jon Lyons | January 16, 2019

    Take advantage now of the full 30A vacation rental season and buy the beach house before spring. We’re here to make the dream happen. Have you questioned when is the best time to “pull the trigger” on your beach property on 30A? Is it summertime when I visit? Is it Springtime? Is it after summer?... Read More

    This Week: Watercolor + Our Favorites

    By Jon Lyons | December 19, 2018

    This Week Our Team Explored Watercolor! >>>Click Here to See Our Favorite Watercolor Properties Read More

    30A’s Best Properties + Happy Thanksgiving!

    By Jon Lyons | November 21, 2018

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our 30A friends, customers, clients – present, past, and future! We are very thankful to be able to serve you! We hope you enjoy these awesome listings + Follow us on Social Media for other 30A real estate updates and happenings!     Click the above image to see the properties,... Read More

    30A Reno Properties: Opportunities & Examples

    By Jon Lyons | November 8, 2018

    Ever thought of buying an older property on 30A & making it look awesome?… All the while, creating some equity and making it a desirable rental? ME TOO. Here we point out some great 30A opportunities, as well a few great examples for sale.   (And not only that, we have vendor connections to help... Read More

    Newest & Hottest 30A Listings of the Week! (Oct. 26 – Nov. 2)

    By Jon Lyons | November 2, 2018

    Here are the Newest & Hottest 30A Listings to Hit the Market. Handpicked for Our Current & Future Buyer Clients. (Properties From October 26-November 2) Click here or the picture below to view properties!      Wondering if now is a good time to buy?  Read this recent blog on why it’s a great idea... Read More

    30A’s Most Interesting & Historical Properties (That are FOR SALE)

    By Jon Lyons | October 25, 2018

    Most Interesting & Historical Properties in the 30A area (That YOU CAN BUY) Years and years ago – South Walton was relatively unknown, 30A wasn’t a thing, and just a handful of homes and buildings graced the area. Some from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s still stand today — and you can buy your... Read More

    Three Unexpected Reason’s to Buy YOUR 30A Place this Fall

    By Jon Lyons | October 22, 2018

    Three Unexpected Reason’s to Buy YOUR 30A Beach house, condo, or lot this FALL vs. waiting until Springtime.  Here we Go! ↓   #1.) You, buyer, have a good chance of negotiating a better deal. (see below) Seller’s have collected their rental income and you (buyer) are in a more powerful position to negotiate. (Don’t expect... Read More

    30A’s Finest Properties

    By Jon Lyons | October 18, 2018

    The South Walton area of Florida (30A, Point Washington, Santa Rosa Beach) has exploded over the past years with increasingly beautiful architecture, impressive homes & condos. Click the picture below to see 30A’s  highest valued listings starting from the top down. Read More

    30A & Hurricane Michael {UPDATED Nov. 7}

    By Jon Lyons | October 16, 2018

    Quick update for our clients, customers, and site visitors interested in knowing the TRUTH of how hurricane Michael affected the 30A communities in South Walton. UPDATE Nov. 7th 2018 Almost a month after Hurricane Michael, South Walton & 30A is physically looking as beautiful as ever with very little evidence of a storm, much less... Read More

    30A | Best Listings in Your Inbox. No Spam. No Joke.

    By Jon Lyons | October 4, 2018

    If you could have only the best 30A properties in your inbox — custom tailored to what you need, delivered to you on your schedule — without spam, extra strings, or pressure… would you want? Here’s All You Need to Do to Get Awesome 30A Listings in Your Inbox: Have an account on our website... Read More