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    Thanks for stopping by! My name is Travis Wilburn.

    I've been with the 30A Escapes team since 2017. For starters, I was actually born and raised here in Walton County. People I meet on the beach are always baffled that lifelong locals actually exist here. Well, believe it!

    I grew up just across the bay near Freeport, and now live in Santa Rosa Beach with my wife, Tiffany and son, Gaines, who we welcomed in July 2018.

    I can still remember playing on the beaches of 30A as a kid. The beaches themselves haven't changed all that much. They're still as beautiful as ever. The amount of homes and people has certainly grown though! It's tough to keep a place as wonderful as 30A a secret for long.

    As 30A gained popularity, I co-founded a company in 2011 with my brother to serve this rising number of guests. Our mission was to bring families together and help them create memories on the beaches of 30A, just like we did growing up here. We rented beach equipment and set up beach bonfires for all types of events from Birthdays, to weddings, to family reunions.

    Now, I'm still helping families make memories, just in a slightly different way. By helping them fulfill their dream of owning a 30A beach home. I love 30A, and I love helping people put down their own roots here.

    I'll walk alongside you through the home-buying process. I'll educate you on the business aspects of owning 30A real estate. I'll connect you with trustworthy vendors who will take great care of you. And I'll share with you the knowledge and resources that I've accumulated throughout a lifetime of growing up in the area.

    Whatever your real estate needs, I assure you I can help. Whether you're looking for a 2nd home that you can enjoy at your leisure, then rent out to generate income the rest of the time. Or if you love 30A enough to pack up and move here full-time. Either way, we'd love to have you, and I can help!

    To get the ball rolling, give me a call or shoot me a text or email. I'd love to visit with you, learn more about your situation, and see how I can help!

    Travis Wilburn | The Dixon Team
    30A Real Estate Sales
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    Travis Wilburn | The Dixon Team

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