Jim Dixon

    Jim is a native of Memphis, Tenn. and has been considered a local to 30A for nearly 10 years when he started managing vacation rental properties.

    Moving down to the beach to manage his properties, a few others for friends, and enjoy the success of selling a previous business - Jim's part-time gig soon gained recognition as more and more owners heard about the great job his company was doing. The early stages of 30A Escapes Vacation Rentals, the company now manages nearly 100 luxury vacation rental properties and is know as one of the premier companies on 30A.

    Hand-in-hand with rentals, owners commissioned Jim to sell their properties and his success continued. Fast forward a handful of years and 30A Escapes Real Estate Sales is born. Each year, we provide our services to dozens of buyers and sellers, averaging $50 million in sales per year.

    Jim Dixon
    Owner, Realtor
    30A Real Estate Sales
    60 Clayton Lane
    Grayton Beach, FL 32459

    Jim Dixon

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