Jim Dixon | The Dixon Team

    As founder and CEO of 30A Escapes Rentals and Sales, Jim Dixon’s passion is teaching 30A buyers how to "Master the 30-A Luxury Vacation Rental Market".

    On 30A it takes a someone with a personal connection to the area both as a consumer but more importantly as an investor.

    Jim has invested, owned, and rented his personal homes in the 30A community for over 15 years and moved here with his family in 2011 to start 30A Escapes. Since then he has closed over $200,000,000 in 30A real estate sales and built 30A Escapes Rentals into the leading boutique management company on 30A.

    This personal knowledge of our coastal community enables Jim to guide his clients through every step in the beach ownership process.

    Whether you are buying or selling 30A property, Jim can show you that it’s easier to own a beach home than you could ever imagine.

    Most people think:

    · I can't afford to have a second home at the beach

    ·It's going to just cost too much in annual expenses

    Jim's motto is: "Let Rental Guests Pay the Mortgage"

    Jim has a plan that is easy to follow and allows for rental guests to pay for the majority of your overhead. Having a beach investment sure is a lot more fun than a stock or mutual fund. With a beach investment you:

    ·Enjoy precious time with your family and friends while building equity in a viable asset.

    ·Your dream vacation home is a reality with Jim's investment plan.

    To discuss buying or selling your 30-A beach home give Jim Dixon a call today.

    Personal Cell - 850-468-0215

    Email - CEO@30aEscapes.com

    Jim Dixon | The Dixon Team
    Owner, Realtor
    30A Real Estate Sales
    60 Clayton Lane
    Grayton Beach, FL 32459

    Jim Dixon | The Dixon Team

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