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Luxury is a choice, luxury is unique, 30-A real estate is about taking your expectations to the next level. The 30A lifestyle is exactly that. Our expert team of realtors give you the ability to search for homes based on your specific desires.  We will educate you without sales pressure. 

Schedule a meeting with our experienced agents to tour 30A homes and condos along our 18 mile scenic coastline.

Investing in Income Producing Beach Property

Jim Dixon is the Founder and CEO of 30A Escapes with over 100+ homes and condos under full service management.  Jim's expert real estate agents educate the our buyers about the 30A Luxury Vacation Home Market.

With our industry knowledge and sales expertise you will be working with the best in the business.  We deliver a Turn-Key program of identifying a great buy, negotiating the deal with the Seller, and getting the property marketed and generating rental income within weeks of closing.  Close on the house and place it directly into our vacation home management division.  Our vacation rental website is www.30aEscapes.com  You will see 100's of examples of the homes we have sold and manage for our Owners.

We love to teach buyers how to generate "serious rental income" while perosnally enjoying a luxury 30A beach property.

We have invested, owned, and rented homes in the 30A community since 2003 so we understand 30a home ownership better than any agent/broker on 30A.  

Having a beach investment is WAY more fun than a stock or mutual fund. With a beach investment you get to enjoy precious time with your family and friends while building equity in a wealth building asset.  Owning a beach investment property is a fantastic way to diversify your investments.  A good mix of stocks, bonds, and income producing real estate offers you protection to offset financial market fluctuations.  Even when the stock market is down families still come to 30A and rent homes for their family beach vacation every year.  


Jim Dixon, CEO

30A Escapes Sales Team LLC

30A Escapes Vacation Rentals LLC

Beach Investing on 30A by Jim Dixon - Video

Brokerage for the 30A Escapes Sales Team is Beachy Beach 30A

The 30A Escapes Sales Team

2015 Sales - $43,000,000

Jon Lyons - Broker Associate

Mindy Wright - Realtor 

Emily Schuster - Realtor

Jim Dixon - CEO
30A Escapes Sales Team LLC
30A Escapes Vacation Rentals LLC